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Escape the Fate in Kerrang! (again)


Watch out, Girls! Escape the Fate and Glamour of the Kill run wild across the UK.  

The scene in Escape the Fates Bristol dressing room is an interesting one. Though new(ish) singer Craig Mabbitt is bouncing around – all energy, smiles and chat – his bassist, Max Green, is lying across a row of seats across the back wall. He’s covered in whatever clothes or blankets he can find to keep himself warm. His hood is pulled up over his head, his black leather jacket is wrapped tightly around him and his eyes hover between open and closed. Occasionally he groans a little.

The Vegas band’s drummer and guitarist, Robert Ortiz and Bryan Money, are nowhere to be seen. They wandered out an hour ago to get some vegan food – apparently Escape the Fate’s one concession to healthy living – and haven’t been seen since.
The reason for Greens pain is, it seems, drugs. Or, more specifically, the current lack of them. “We used to get dope sick the whole time on tour” he groans. “I’d love to tell you I don’t do it anymore but…well… I still party now and again. I don’t do it as much as I used to. I’m kinda paying for it right now. I’m kinda sick.”
Mabbitt smiles, shakes his head and rolls his eyes much as a genial father might over an errant son. It was through cocaine that the two bonded in the first place. When still the singer in Blessthefall, Mabbitt befriended Escape the Fates original vocalist Ronnie Radke, before a serious drug habit and a four-year jail sentence for parole violation after pleading guilty to assisting in a murder accelerated his exit from the band.
“Coke was what bonded me and Max,” Mabbitt remembers, “We would stay up all night in the living room, coked up, playing Guitar Hero. We had long talks and bonded.” It’s safe to say that, as touring bands go, Escape the Fate are not just here to get onstage, do their job, and get back on the bus. In fact, the business of getting onstage at all often seems to be fairly secondary to the business of enjoying themselves – as the other bands on the bill are beginning to find out. 

The Party started on the Virgin Atlantic flight on the way to the UK when Mabbitt and Ortiz decided it would be foolish to take advantage of the airlines free alcohol policy. “I drank way too many free beers,” says Mabbitt. “I don’t think either of us knew how drunk we were getting. But the stewardess was getting pretty upset with us.”
Fortunately, they decided to record the event for the posterity on a hand held video camera. The clip shows both drummer and singer laughing uproariously, surrounded by empty beer cans while, in the background, the rest of the plane struggles to sleep. “They told us they’d run out of beer in the end,” shrugs Mabbitt. “I don’t think they had…”

It was a couple of nights ago in Portsmouth, during a drinking session in the cheap hotel in which they were both staying, that Escape the Fate introduced their support band, York-based Glamour of the Kill, to their touring ethic. “Me and Max walked down to their hotel room and they had all this fucking Jagermeister stuff in there,” says Mabbitt. “We were sitting there taking shots. I was getting a little buzzed and, all of a sudden, I heard someone messing with a fire extinguisher in the bathroom. They were blowing it in the tub but I was, like, ‘Dude, there’s a fucking fire! I gotta put the fucking fire out!’ So I grabbed it and covered the whole fucking bathroom. Next thing, someone was pounding on the door, so I started acting like I was sleeping. Max hid underneath the bed. Then (the at the door) said they were going to call the police on us so one of the girls Glamour of the Kill has in their room started cleaning up the whole bathroom – she scrubbed it so well it was probably the cleanest it’s ever been.”

“Craig goes fucking crazy when he’s had some Jagermeister,” adds Green, “We call hum Craigermeister. He’s two different people.”

Glamour of the Kill, no angels themselves, laugh about the whole event. “We’ve had a good night or two,” says drummer Ben Brutal.

“I think it’s going to be one of those tours that slowly builds into something terrifying,” adds guitarist Chris Carnage, “It can only end in death and destruction.”

An ideal night for Escape the Fate would sound, as Green tells it, something like this: “There’d be pills crushed up on the counter, there’d be alcohol, possibly cocaine, maybe some girls.” In fact, it’s the girls that are currently the problem as Ortiz, in particular, has entered something of a slump. “Last night is Oxford, we went to a bar. All the locals said it was the shittest place in town but we thought it was pretty cool,” says Mabbitt, “I went to the bar and bought everybody sambuca shots so pretty much everyone got drunk. As we were walking out, Robert sees this girl. He goes over and says ‘Hey, baby’ She took one look at him and pretended to puke in her mouth.”
“I don’t know what happened last night,” says Ortiz when he returns, “I’ve never been so rejected in my life. I’m not saying I am Brad Pitt but I was doing that bitch a favour, dude! I was stung! I couldn’t sleep – I spent all night wondering where I went wrong. I’ve lost my fucking mojo, dude. English women aren’t feeling it.”
It’s something he’s hoping to rectify later tonight, having scored tickets to a club night in town already. First, though, there’s a show to play.
But, as they stride out onstage to fact the Bristol crowd, you know there’s only going to be part of their minds on the music they’ve got to play. The rest if it, as one Spinal Tap drummer put it, is concentrating on having a good time, all the time.




Its been highs and lows for Escape the Fate

Max Green: “We were on tour in the States and during our set, there was this cute girl who kept eyeballing me. On our last song I said, ‘This song’s about fucking and it goes out to that hot ass girl right there.’ After the show she was like ‘I want you’. I didn’t want to go into the van because I knew the band would fuck with me. She said, ‘Well I’m down with fucking outside.’ So we went across the street and there was a dumpster and a school bus. So we did it against the school bus because I didn’t want it to become a story about the night that I fucked dumpster girl!’”

 Craig Mabbitt: “One night on the Chiodos tour there was a really drunk slutty girl. Max started talking to her and she was like, ‘I think somebody raped me.’ Later, I was walking around and I ran into her with two police officers. As I walked away, she said, ‘That was the guy’. Next thing I knew, the cops were saying, ‘Did you rape this girl?’ I said, ‘No, I didn’t.’ Then I got pretty pissed, so they got upset and handcuffed me and walked me out to the cop car. I was thinking, ‘Great, one singer in jail and the next on going down!’. Luckily the friends of the drunk girl told the police that she does this at every show for attention. It was the worst night of my life.”


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